The Reel Culture Way

First, clearly know who you are as a company–your Purpose/Mission, Core Values and Culture. Next, develop a structured approach to the interview to assess qualifications, engagement and fit.

Sounds simple? When you know how to approach it, yes, but it can often feel like you’ve stepped into an M.C. Escher drawing when you begin to try to sort out your Values from Core Competencies from Culture from Employee Experience.

Over the course of her 20-year career in recruiting, Sara Stowe has developed a passion and talent for distilling the complexity of workplace culture into straightforward programs for companies that want to make smart choices about who they hire.

Sara has shifted hiring managers away from hiring on “gut feeling” to applying an individualized, structured approach so they hire those who can strengthen or transform the culture. Through deep insights and storytelling, Sara helps companies authentically articulate their culture; express their purpose and core values, develop their employer brand, and build a custom interview process focused on attracting and hiring the right fit…not just for one hire, but a sustainable solution for future hiring.


  • Get it right more often than you get it wrong
  • Attract the right talent
  • Avoid the trap of building a “just like me”​ Culture
  • Prepare and build confidence across interview teams, providing a better candidate experience
  • Confidently make an informed, objective hiring decision
  • Identify those with high potential, “stars in the making,” instead of going after the same stars as everyone else
  • Confidently invest in employees’​ professional development & build meaningful relationships
  • Nurture, sustain and scale your Culture or build a plan to transform aspects of your Culture
  • Reap the bottom line benefits of attracting, engaging and keeping the best talent for your company!